Ties in scripture with the whole of our daily lives.


These small study groups are geared toward helping individuals to develop a deeper spirituality and prayer life. Lectio Divina is prayer using scripture, which fosters interior silence, opening the space for deep listening. Through Lectio Divina, individuals learn to be receptive to the voice of God. 

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Introduction to Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina typically takes place in small group sessions. Our introductory study runs for about 3 weeks, with each session lasting about an hour and a half.

Cost: $30 per person*

*A minimum of 4 participants are required to hold this study.


Lectio Divina for Educators

This training module is geared toward parish educators or those who wish to facilitate Lectio Divina within their parish. Educators will go through the study and will also learn best practices for hosting Lectio Divina in their parish. Educators will receive the John Paul II Center for Women’s Guide to Lectio Divina upon completion of the study.

Cost: $60 per person*

A minimum of 4 participants are required to hold this study.


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